After a long delay and issues pertaining to a VPS hosting company, Super Enterprises LLC is now up and running. The current technical status of the company is the following:

There is still much to do and with the help of some amazing people, SE will become a small, but strong consulting firm. All that is involved in creating and running this company will be available on this site with the intention to assist others in expanding their horizons within IT realm. The “simple, core, and branch” method will be the technical ideas to which SE functions in the hopes of making administering and developing efficient and effective.

SE is here to help with direction, and the direction is forward. Time to move.


Super Enterprises LLC has now moved fully onto the internet. There is the current status

This is a slow but detailed process. Look for more as begins to take shape. Soon, this area will be for site updates and work-arounds for other people doe the same as us.